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Practice Field Closures

Coaches and Parents, if a practice field has been closed by the City of Mansfield Parks Department then no team can practice on that field until the Parks Department has re-opened the complex. The coach must check the Field Status Line first. If nothing is mentioned about your fields then it is probably ok to practice at those fields. You must also adhere to any signs that state the field is closed or if the complex is locked with a Parks Department lock. If you want to know prior to your practice then please call the Field Status Line At 1-817-592-6393. Call this number after 3:30pm the day of your practice to confirm the status of your practice fields. It is the responsibility of the coach to check the Field Status Line to make sure the field they are scheduled to practice on is not closed.

If you do not adhere to this you can receive a fine from the City of Mansfield, be suspended from playing games the coming weekend or be suspended from coaching in the association for up to one year.