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Frequently Asked Questions


Are coaches screened in any way?

All coaches, volunteers, and board members are required to submit to a back ground check every year. This is done through North Texas Soccer Association and the program that they use currently checks 47 states for any red flags. Mansfield Soccer Association also requires that any vender that works with us, such as the individuals that we contract to run our concession stand or to take pictures, must submit to an annual back ground check

Can I choose which team my child plays on?

For children who are new to MSA and we honor “friend” requests in a limited manner.  According to NTSSA, our parent organization, we can allow children to be placed on a specific team with a specific “friend”, and therefore avoid the lottery, IF  they have NEVER played for a NTSSA organization.  A “friend” request must come to the registrar ( – once the verification process has been completed then that child will be placed on the roster.

“Friend of a Friend” can be used to create a new team provided the requirements are met for each friend – ie each friend has NEVER played with a NTSSA organization.

Once a child is on a roster they can choose to return to that roster each season.

We also allow exceptions for siblings.  We do not allow exceptions for ride sharing, assistant coaching and most other reasons.

Do all players play on the same size field with the same number of players?

Mansfield Soccer Association has chosen to play what is called “small sided soccer”.  The advantages of small sided soccer are as follows:

  • By reducing the number of children on the field at a time there is a greater likelihood that all of the children will be involved in the play
  • The field sizes are proportional to the children’s size and gradually increase as our children grow
  • The smaller sized fields allow younger players to learn control
  • Smaller sized fields help very young players learn fundamentals of the game such as not using their hands
  • Younger teams use simplified rules so that skills such as goalkeeping and throw-ins can be postponed until older ages

Does my child have to try out for a team? What is the “lottery”?

No, your child does not try out for a team.  The lottery is the way we try to insure that Mansfield Soccer Association remains recreational in nature.  Each child that does not have a team will be assigned a number and then the commissioner of that age group will see which teams need players and how many players that team needs  – the commissioner will then draw a number and the child assigned that number will be assigned to that team. Our goal in doing it this was is so that we do not have coaches “stacking” teams.

How do I register for an MSA season?

Registration information is located here.

How many games are played each season?

Teams play 8 games per season.

The Rising Stars program meet for 5 weeks.

How often do players practice?

For the rest of the leagues a coach can practice up to twice a week.  Generally, MSA’s philosophy is three (3) soccer events per week, two practices sessions and one game.

The Rising Stars First touches league does not have practice during the week. They meet once a week on Saturdays.

Is my child required to return to the lottery each year, or can he or she stay on the same team?

Once your child is placed on a team – each subsequent season your child can choose to either

  1. return to his team (or)
  2. re-enter the lottery and join a new team

If you child chooses to return to his team he will be automatically placed on the last team that he was registered to.

We will allow a child to sit out a season (for example some players choose to play soccer in the fall and baseball in the spring) and then return to team if there is room on the last team he was register to. Players who return after one season can rejoin their team as long as there is room on the team. Even after missing one season, players may need join a new team if their  former team does not have space. MSA will not remove a player from a team to make room for a player who sat out for a season.

What about uniforms?

The only uniforms purchased through MSA are for U4, U5, and U6.  U4 teams will wear the dynomites uniform. U5 and U6 teams wear reversible jerseys provide by MSA.

The boys wear blue/white reversible jerseys and the girls a red/white jerseys.  The uniform kit is $25 and includes the jersey and socks.  Parents are responsible for shorts.  Please be sure to purchase the jersey large enough to cover the age span so that you do not have to re-purchase.  Also it is important to factor in the ability to put either a jacket or sweatshirt under the jersey when it is cold.

U7 and up the teams/coaches make decisions regarding uniforms.


What are the eligibility requirements to play with the Mansfield Soccer Association?

Anyone can play in the Mansfield Soccer Association or any association they choose. If they live in an area with another soccer association they need to complete an online release. See the “Member Association Change” section on our registration page for more information.


What are the playing time rules for

Each child is guaranteed to play at least half of a game as is addressed in the MSA’s Rules and Regulations in the Coaches Handbook. Children who regularly miss practice are then at the discretion of the coach. Ultimately we encourage fair playing time and players to recognize practice as part of the commitment.

What does the registration amount include?

For all children that amount includes supplemental insurance though North Texas State Soccer Association, field usage fees, and referee fees.  This fee also includes any awards that are given to players at the end of the season.


What else is my child required to have?

All children are required to have age and size appropriate shin guards.   A soccer ball and cleats are highly recommended.   For U4 though U8 a size #3 soccer ball is needed, from U9 though U10 a size #4 soccer ball is needed and from U11 and up a size #5 soccer ball is needed.

Cleats must be soccer cleats. Football or baseball cleats are not allowed (baseball cleats have a front toe cleat that is dangerous if used in a soccer game and football cleats have a side flared cleats – the cleats flare out from the side beyond the sole construction) that are equally as dangerous.  Also, cleats, due to their construction are generally easier to clean when they get muddy.  Tennis shoes or sneakers have too much fabric thus making them harder to get clean.

What is Academy Soccer

Academy soccer is a recreational hybrid. A player can play rec and academy at the same time. If a player registers for Rec with MSA their academy paperwork is included in the registration fees. A parent only has to send an email to the office and request the paperwork.
Academy soccer is limited to U7 – U10 players.
Academy is different than rec in the following ways:

Recreational SoccerAcademy Soccer
50% playing timeNo Guarantee of 50% playing time
on one team all seasonchange teams at will
pay one fee each seasonregister and pay for rec
pay club fees each month
MSA places player on teamPlayer finds their own team/club

What is MSA’s policy regarding concussions?

MSA strongly considers the guidelines set by the USSF in their Concussion Initiative Guidelines 151125 when creating policies for handling potential concussive injuries.

What is the MSA policy for uniforms?

MSA has adopted a new uniform policy – to read the policy in its entirety please CLICK HERE.

  • Basically U7 and older teams now select their own uniforms.  Coaches should keep the total cost at or near $45 and should plan on using the uniform for several seasons.
  • if you have a player that is U7 or older you will have to wait until you hear from your coach to know where to purchase your uniform.
  • U4, U5 and U6 shall use the reversible jersey that parents will order/pay through MSA.   The teams that played during the Fall 2013/Spring 2014 soccer year that are for the current year U6 can choose to stay with their already selected team uniform.
  • If you are a parent of a U6 player and are unsure whether or not to purchase the MSA uniform, it is reasonable to wait to make the purchase until you hear from your coach.  Since MSA has those jersey’s in stock it will be easy to call and order/pay for the uniform kit (shirt and socks) and then MSA will deliver those to the coach and then the coach will get them to the parents before the first game.
  • If you are the parent of a U4 or U5 player – It is MSA’s recommendation that you purchase the jersey several times too large as this will be the same jersey they use for several seasons.  Also when it it cold out you will need to be able to fit a full winter jacket UNDERNEATH the jersey.  Referees will not allow players to wear the jacket or sweatshirt over the uniform.
What is the MSA Scholarship?

Every year MSA awards a scholarship for two graduating high school seniors who have played, refereed, or coached in MSA and will be attending college in the fall.

Awards will be presented at the MSA Annual General Meeting in June.

Look for a post during sometime during the Spring season for application details.


When are games played?

Most MSA games are played on Saturday. Older age groups may have games on Tuesday, Thursdays, or Sunday afternoons.

U9 and older play in the Mansfield Playing alliance. They will travel to neighboring cities for some games.

The Rising Stars meet on Saturdays. Event begin with skills training which are followed by games.  Players will not placed on specific teams at this age.

When does the soccer season begin?

The first game of the Fall season is usually the first or second weekend in September and for the Spring season is the first or second weekend in March. Practice can begin after the coaches meeting has been completed.

When is registration for soccer?

On-line registration for the Fall is the May thru July and for the Spring is December 15th thru January.

Where are the Mansfield Soccer Association offices located?

We are located on the south bound service road of Hwy 287 between Turner Warnell and Callender Road.  The physical address is 2363 U.S. 287 Frontage Rd. The building is a brown building with 2 big brown stripes.


Where do teams practice?

Generally the younger age groups practice at Philip Thompson Soccer Complex. Older teams practice at Hardy Almon park or at one of the local schools that MISD allow us to use.

Where is the SportsPilot Login Page?

Parents may log in to view and edit their families SportsPilot account.  From this account you can:

  1. Update information that has changed
  2. Register for an upcoming event
  3. View roster assignments (when this is permissible)
    1. View roster assignments and email the coach:
    2. Log in to SportsPilot
    3. Look for the word “view” to the far right of the player or coaches name you wish to find out information, click on view
    4. After you click on “view” select the correct season and then you can “view” the team assignment
    5. You can also “manage roster” and from this selection you can email the coach

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