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 Returning Players:


Login with existing account information.  If you cannot remember your userid or password, please reach out to Sarah Harris (  She can provide you with your user id and reset your password.


  1. When registering you should have the option to return to your team or request to go into the lottery for a new team. Please note the following:


  1. If your child would like to return to their team, select your team name. As a reminder, if you child is playing up you need to register the player in the birth year of the team, not the child’s birth year.  If you register him in his birth year his and he is playing up, his team will not be an option. It would be helpful if you would make a note in the notes section that simply states returning player.  This will help ensure we do not miss any returning players.  If you are still unable to find his team, you can complete the registration and email with your child’s name and team they are wanting to return to.  Once verified, they will be moved.  All requests should be made as soon as possible.
  2. If you would prefer to go into the lottery, please select lottery and in the notes section, please note you are requesting lottery. You are not eligible to request a specific team if you have played with a North Texas Team in the last two seasons.
  3. If you have a specific requests such as to play with sibling or returning after sitting a season, please note those as well.
  4. No request will be honored after July 31, 2022.


  1. Registration Link –

 New Players:

  1. Create a login and save this information. You will use that each season going forward.


  1. You will register for the lottery. Please be sure to complete the entire profile and include numbers and emails.  We will provide these to the coaches to contact you regarding practices and games.


  1. If you have any specific requests such as a specific team, friend, coach or to play with a sibling, please not that under the notes portion of the registration. We try our best to honor as many eligible requests as possible.  Please know returning players take priority in placement to teams provided they register during registration.


  1. We are required to have verify each player’s date of birth. Please send a picture of your child’s birth certificate or passport to  Registration will not be considered complete until we receive your child’s birth certificate or passport.  They will not be placed on a team until this is received. No exceptions.


  1. Registration Link – Registration Link –