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Is my child required to return to the lottery each year, or can he or she stay on the same team?

Once your child is placed on a team – each subsequent season your child can choose to either

  1. return to his team (or)
  2. re-enter the lottery and join a new team

If you child chooses to return to his team he will be automatically placed on the last team that he was registered to.

We will allow a child to sit out a season (for example some players choose to play soccer in the fall and baseball in the spring) and then return to team if there is room on the last team he was register to. Players who return after one season can rejoin their team as long as there is room on the team. Even after missing one season, players may need join a new team if their  former team does not have space. MSA will not remove a player from a team to make room for a player who sat out for a season.